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Bifrost-Riverton is located approximately 100 kilometers north of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital. The community lies along the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba’s largest lake, and is part of the province’s Interlake Region. The municipality includes the growing community of Riverton, and surrounds the Town of Arborg. We hope that you find the information provided here interesting and useful. If you are not currently a resident of Bifrost-Riverton, we hope that you will visit us soon to see what we have to offer to tourists, residents and businesses.


Located at 409 Recreation Centre, the Arborg Bifrost Community Centre (built in 2004) is a suitable venue for events hosting 10 to 500 people with ease and comfort.  The unique movable wall system can divide the facility into 2 rooms while still providing the user with all amenities required for a successful event.
The Community Centre has a commercial kitchen, a second convenience kitchen, a 1,500 square foot dance floor, and a stage.  It also has a state of the art sound system, 2 ceiling mounted projectors complete with screens for presentations, as well as internet access.

*For more information, please call 204-376-5576.

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329 River Road, Box 70, Arborg, MB R0C 0A0
Phone: 376-2391  Fax: 376-2742
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